Eavestrough cleaning tips for the smart home owner

Your eavestrough is an essential part of your roof. Without regular cleaning, it’s going to get blocked and you’ll need to pay heavily for a professional eavestrough Burlington to fix it. Doing your eavestrough cleaning by yourself will save you money, but you need to get some cleaning knowledge so you can get the best results.

Don’t clean during rain or snow, or when the roof is wet. It will be inconvenient and may lead to serious health hazards. Wear a heavy work glove and check that the ladder is not damaged in any way.


Remove debris

The first thing to do is to remove any debris inside the eavestrough. The best time to do this is when the debris is wet or slightly damp and not when it is hard. Use a narrow garden trowel to scoop the debris and a bag to dump it in.

Use a hose

Once the debris is gone you can now get your hose, attach a high-pressure nozzle and blast off the entire length of the gutter. Make sure your blasting is thorough, even to the outlet of the drain. You have to be careful with water hose so as not to get mud splattering over your house. And if it thus happens then, you’ll need a scrub brush to clean the mud off the wall.

Clear the drainpipe

Sometimes the drainpipes may be filled with debris so that it disrupts the free flow of water and hurt your cleaning effort. If this happens then you must point the hose in the pipe to try and flush down the debris. If that should fail you’ll need to make use of a plumber’s auger to free the pipe.

Calling a professional eavestrough Burlington cleaning service remains the best option to help you save time and stress. They understand all types of eavestrough construction and will deliver an excellent job in no time.…